Big Bang in your Living Room

Virtual exhibition on the Big Bang and our alternative visions of the Universe

PAF 2022 – & KNAL festival Leuven

Scan the code with the EyeJack app and the artworks will appear in your own Living Room !

You can download the app gratis via App Store or Google Play

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Did you know that the solar system is composed of 3 sorts of planets? Rock-gas-ice are the structures that define the characters of the particular planets, their location in the system and their behaviour. Exactly as human temperaments, which define our way of being and place within the society. Analogies are numerous and meaningful, but… why do you think planets go rock-gas-ice when moving away from the sun? And what the sun actually is?

You can scan the codes of these 3 main artworks below to bring them into life:

Below you will find a compilation of the works of our students – each student has created a different, non-existing planet and each planet has a statement concerning our current or future condition of life on our planet of Earth and our Universum. Press play:


.concept: Leitmotif VZW

Since March 25th you are very welcome to the Live exhibition in the Old Town Hall of Leuven, where all artworks will be exhibited in print and – after scanning through the Eye Jack app – coming to live: in motion and with new soundscapes!

Bio’s of the artists:

Kaja Renkas (graphic design)

Graphic designer, illustrator, screenprint and new media artist.
Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, Poland, where she studied printmaking. Continued her education at the University of Silesia in Art Department. She currently works as a professor in the Video Games and Virtual Space Design Department at the University of Silesia.

Tomasz Ignalski (audio design)

Culture animator, musician, sound-art creator, graduated from the University of Silesia in pedagogical and artistic faculty. Participant of many music projects, founder and guitarist of the NeLL – the first band in Poland, whose albums were entirely financed by Internet users. 

Iwona Pom (motion deign)

Iwona Pomianowska, PhD,  is an information and audiovisual designer, a lecturer at the Warsaw University (Psychology Department) and at The Schiller National Film School (Postproduction & New Media). As a member of the museum advisory committee (M Museum Leuven) she combines the domains of empirical psychology and media design by scrutinizing the issues of human cognition, visual perception (PhD, the School of Psychology, Trinity College Dublin) and information design (LUCA School of Arts, Brussels).

Students of the Silesian University (Game Lab)

Artistic Department / specialisation: Game & Virtual Reality Design: Aleksandra Wachowska, Aleksandra Zawilinska, Filip Szostek, Iga Trzebska, Maja Ostrowska, Maksymilian Rogalinski, Michal Walek, Michelle Przeliorz, Natalia Dolata, Zuza Spychalska.


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