PAF 2022 – program:

Augmented Reality for Education

Workshop in the Provinciehuis of Vlaams-Brabant (Belgium) on the implementation of Augmented Reality technology into varied educational domains.

Augmented Reality (AR) is an interactive experience through which you can bring existing objects “into life” or place non-existing objects within the surrounding reality. It can be activated with the AR glasses or with a personal mobile device (smartphone or tablet). The creation of such an experience became simplified – making this technology approachable for people without programming skills. The potentiality of this medium is enormous, whereas only few sorts of implementations are known so far (mainly game design and entertainment).

On the 7th of December, we will present the two techniques for creating AR experience that do not demand any technical skills and can be implemented in varied educational domains, as biology, physics, gograpy, anatomy and even language learning. The workshop will be acompanied with an exhibition of existing works on the Big Bang theory of Universe.

Workshop #01 – bringing objects “into life”

Workshop #02 – creating a personalised space


Virtual exhibition on the Big Bang and our alternative visions of the Universe

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Scan the code with the EyeJack app and the artworks will appear around you:

You can download the app gratis via App Store or Google Play

Here is the preview of how the experience looks like in your own environment:

You can scan the codes of these 3 main artworks below to bring them into life:

Below you will find a compilation of the works of our students – each student has created a different, non-existing planet and each planet has a statement concerning our current or future condition of life on our planet of Earth and our Universum. You can activate this virtual exhibition by scanning the QR code below:

Here is the preview of how the experience looks like in your own environment:

.Here is the preview of the same works but not placed in the virtual space – see how much jeopardized is the experience while perceiving the content through the traditional, non-interactive medium:


Other examples of exhibitions, applications and making off’s:


Definition & types of Augmented Reality technologies: 

Augmented reality is defined as an altered form of reality in which computer-generated content is superimposed on the user’s real-world views, allowing digital assets to be added to their physical environment. AR must also meet three basic characteristics: 

  • Combination of real and virtual world. 
  • Real-time interaction. 
  • Accurate 3D registration of real and virtual objects. 

4 types of Augmented Reality technologies: 

  • AR based on markers. 
  • AR without markers:
    • Location-based AR. 
    • Projection-based AR. 
    • Overlay AR. 
    • Contour-based AR. 

concept: Leitmotif VZW & Iwona Pom

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