Move My Shadow

2020 – 2021

AR expo in open spaces of Leuven & other cities of Europe

“Move my Shadow”

Where? Wherever you are… 

Join our exhibition – place one of the artworks in your window, let others enjoy them while passing your street! The artworks come to live while you scan them with EyeJack app (gratis). Every artwork tells a different story – you won’t get to know the story unless you move your mobile device over the artwork! 

How does it work? 

To join our expo – the only thing you need to do is to hang one (or more) of the posters in your window (or another legal, publicly visible place). Choose one of the artworks below and contact us ( to get a A3 poster. Finally, mark your location of your Expo Tour (see below). Bring our city to live again, bring swing to your street, move my shadow!#movemyshadow

How to add your location to the Expo Tour:…

  • Log in to your google account
  • Click on “edit” at the left top corner of the map
  • Type your address in the search bar or click the blue target symbol to localize yourself
  • Choose “add to the map” in the pop-up window

Bio’s of the artists:

Paulina Januszewska (

Paulina is a self-taught photographer. Her signature are minimalistic, black and white portraits, simple and serene. She strongly believes in the authentic beauty of each human being. Paulina’s  inspiration are people she meets on her way.

Kaja Renkas (

Graphic designer, illustrator, screen print and new media artist.
Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, Poland, where she studied printmaking. Continued her education at the University of Silesia in Art Department. She currently works as the professor in Video Games and Virtual Space Design Department at the University of Silesia.

Tomasz Ignalski

Culture animator, musician, sound-art creator, graduated from the University of Silesia in pedagogical and artistic faculty. Participant of many music projects, founder and guitarist of the NeLL – the first band in Poland, whose albums were entirely financed by Internet users. 

Iwona Pom (portfolio)

Iwona Pomianowska, PhD,  is an information and audiovisual designer, a lecturer at the Warsaw University (Psychology Department) and at The Schiller National Film School (Postproduction & New Media). As a member of the museum advisory committee (M Museum Leuven) she combines the domains of empirical psychology and media design by scrutinizing the issues of human cognition, visual perception (PhD, the School of Psychology, Trinity College Dublin) and the information design (LUCA School of Arts, Brussels).


Info about the project:

“Move my Shadow” is a project of 4 artists, aiming to organize an exhibition space with the help of citizens. It’s an open air, non-location based exposition, built by participation of the public. The artworks are hung in the windows and other exposed places thanks to the consent and the initiative of their owners. This Photographic & Poster Design Exposition is also linked with new technology of Augmented Reality: every artwork is coupled with an animated storytelling, which visitors can discover by scanning the artwork with their own mobile device, using the EyeJack application. This application is free for everyone and works on all platforms (iOS, Android, etc). Furthermore, everyone joining our exhibition, as a host or visitor, expands automatically our exhibition map, which begins from Leuven and expands to other countries in Europe and beyond. We aim to show that co-creation and artistic participation makes us “bulletproof” and restores the connection between the creators and the public, which in the last year suffered so much from the absence of the performing and exhibiting space. Our project aims also in showing the importance of public and the participation of citizens in maintaining the artistic scene of New Normal.

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