Augmented Reality exhibition

Augmented Reality exhibition will take place in the courtyard of STUK between 1 and 8 december 2018. This expo is paired with an android & iOS app, KFL AR exhibition, to allow each artwork to come to life with animation and – in future – also with sound.  The project has been created in collaboration between polish graphic artist and belgian animators, sound designers and new media designers.

paired with an app graphical artworks come to life with animation (and sometimes with sound)



Augmented Reality (AR) is the process of overlaying digital information over our physical reality. For our this exhibition, we invited cutting edge graphical artists, animators, sound & new media designers from Poland and Belgium to use the KFL AR platform to overlay their printed artworks with animation (and sound). KFl AR Exhibition uses image recognition and animation mapping technology to seamlessly map AR animations to the printed poster design. The KFL AR app will be released for FREE at the Kort Film Festival 2018.




The graphic ARTISTS:

  1. Kaja Renkas
  2. Katarzyna Kroczek
  3. Malgorzata Luszczak


The sound designers/ musicians:

  • Geert Waegemans
  • Kasper Bogaerts
  • Sara Moonen


The animation designers:

  • Iwona Pom
  • Małgorzata Łuszczak
  • Katarzyna Kroczek


The new media designer:

  • Vincent Langouche


More insights into the bok



The purpose of this exhibition is to showcase the potential of Augmented Reality technology by allowing a diverse selection of artists to explore it’s aesthetic and narrative possibilities.  It will also serve as a historical document as we step into this new era of art and technology.  This is the first belgian AR exhibition in this emerging field.  At this moment in time Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Apple are investing hundreds of millions of dollars in to new AR technologies that will ensure it becomes a standard in our everyday lives.  We want our expo to serve as a catalyst for establishing a high standard of AR art as well as the power of new media within the co-creation between artists from different cultures, who are synced in their work thanks to the new technologies.



prof. Małgorzata Łuszczak  — Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music,Video Games and Virtual Space Design, Director of the New Media Department,  Silesian University, Poland – personal website

PhD Katarzyna Kroczek – lecturer at the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music,Video Games and Virtual Space Design, graphic designer

PhD Kaja Renkas – lecturer at the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music,Video Games and Virtual Space Design, graphic designer- personal website

PhD Iwona Poman information and audiovisual designer, a lecturer at the Warsaw University (Psychology Department) and at The Schiller National Film School. As a member of the museum advisory committee (M Leuven) she combines the empirical psychology and media design by scrutinizing human cognition, visual perception (PhD, the School of Psychology, Trinity College Dublin) and the information design (LUCA School of Arts, Brussels) – personal website



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